Your score falls in the range of 267-533.

You Are Financially Coping

You’re not alone– 138 million Americans (55%) are considered Financially Coping. These individuals are struggling with some, but not necessarily all, aspects of their financial lives.


1. Spend less than, or about equal to, your income
2. Pay nearly all of your bills on time
3. Have enough savings to cover a few months of living expenses
4. Are on track to meet your long-term financial goals
5. Have mostly manageable debt
6. Have a mix of prime and non-prime credit scores
7. Are somewhat confident about your asset protection
8. Occasionally plan ahead financially
9. Financial health comes about when your daily financial systems allow you to be resilient and pursue opportunities over time.
Now is the time to start managing your debt and plan for life’s curveballs. We recommend the UIG Security Plan to get on the right track.

I’ve been able to pay down my debt and represent a company that’s doing something truly meaningful– helping people with their finances.


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I’ve finally been able to travel the way I’ve always dreamed of after learning how to take control of my spending and budgeting thanks to the Umbrella system. I always end up talking about Umbrella to my friends and family so it was a no-brainer to become an agent. And now the extra income goes toward my travel savings account!


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