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So How Does This Work?

Financial health is more than just knowledge


We go beyond educating you about how to become financially healthy because information is not enough. 


Change your behavior– for good. We leverage behavioral science research to ensure that our membership create lasting change to their spending and saving habits.


Being broke is a temporary situation but staying broke is a choice. Gain the confidence you need to achieve your financial goals once and for all.

Financial memberships tailored for you

Discover who we are, and see how easy it is to become a member. We’re here to provide you with  personal recommendations. Together we’ll review which UIG membership makes sense for you based on your goals and budget.

Hi! I’m here to help you decide which Umbrella membership makes sense for you.

Scott Burns

Umbrella Agent

We’re here to  help you

Spend Less

Effortlessly stay on top of your budget, and more importantly, implement a new mindset to break bad habits and create healthy spending behaviors that last a lifetime. 

Save More

Gain insight into your spending, saving and retirement goals and learn how to manage your debt, improve your credit and save for life’s unexpected curveballs.

Plan Better

Develop personal financial goals to get what you want out of life. Build wealth, protect your assets and live with peace of mind knowing your financial well-being is healthy and lasting. 

A few of our membership perks

Financial Pros on Call 24/7

Get personal advice from financial and legal experts who can help you with everything from building your credit to starting a college savings account to exploring your retirement options.


Tax Prep & Assistance

Get advice, planning and audit assistance from certified tax pros to help you avoid mistakes and penalties, and maximize your deducations and tax return.

"One day" or day one. You decide.

Our goal is to create generations of people who understand how to manage and protect their money.

Spending Analysis & Incentivized Savings

Gain insight into your spending habits and learn to better manage and overcome the most common challenges will encounter on your journey to financial health.

Credit Repair, Identity Theft Protection & Legal Assistance

Protect your assets, get your legal documents in order and rest assured that you’re making the most of your hard earned income.

Income & Ownership Opportunities

Earn extra income with the ultimate side hustle as an Umbrella Agent.


Memberships as low as $34.95/mo

Connect with us for a FREE Financial Health Checkup. Our financial health specialist will help you make decisions and take action. 

UIG Safety Membership

 Get on track, dig into your spending and savings habits, fix your credit and stop living paycheck to paycheck.

UIG Security Membership

Plan for life’s curveballs, get out of debt, start saving for those big goals and make the most of your tax filing.

UIG Freedom Membership

Protect your assets, get your legal documents in order, preserve and grow your wealth.

Our Philosophy

Whether you’re Vulnerable, Coping or Healthy, our memberships help you spend less, save more, borrow better, and plan wisely. 

Is a financial health check right for me?

Connect with us if you want to

  • Build enough in savings to cover an unexpected emergency
  • Reduce and eliminate debt
  • Create a budget that works for you
  • Take action on your financial goals
  • Get personal recommendations for reaching your financial goals 

Get a Free Financial Health Checkup

Connect with us get personalized suggestions for improving your financial health in the areas of savings, credit building, financial coaching and more.


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